Stephens Group

The Stephens Group is a private investment firm representing the interests of Witt Stephens, Jr. and Elizabeth Campbell. The brand partners with talented managers, entrepreneurs and executive officers to help them achieve their strategic visions and build long-term value. Notable accomplishments include taking Wal-mart Stores Inc. public and partnering with Conn’s, Bank of America, Alltel, Tyson Food and other major brands. Stephens Group approached 70kft with the need for a new website that represented the partnership and value the brand delivers to the companies in which it invests. Additionally, the Stephens Group wanted the website to have a flexible, easy-to-update framework.


70kft redesigned the Stephens Group website to better represent the rich heritage of the brand. The Design team created an interactive timeline to tell the brand’s story in a linear, concise fashion. This timeline brought great value to the website by communicating the stability, trustworthiness and credibility of the brand. Additionally, the team implemented the use of case studies to emphasize strong partnerships throughout the site.

The Stephens group website home page design 70kft Integrated Marketing Agency Dallas

The Stephens group mobile website design by Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft in DallasThe Stephens group website timeline page design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team helped Stephens Group run an email marketing campaign to boost its efforts. The team guided the process by analyzing open rates, click-through rates, unsubscribes and conversions. The email marketing project involved an integrated approach for the agency: the Design team created the email aesthetics, the Strategic Content team crafted the message and the Web Development team built the emails for deployment.

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