NTR Metals

NTR Metals is one of the world’s largest precious metals companies, making a market in all precious metal bullion and offering a full range of refining, recycling and minting services. NTR Metals enlisted the help of 70kft to completely redesign its website. The agency worked to elevate the brand by illuminating the interesting aspects of its industrial service, as well as its credibility and trustworthiness. 70kft delivered game-changing results for the brand, solidifying its role as a leader in the industry.


The team began by redesigning NTR Metals’ website to enhance brand trustworthiness. Engaging videos gave visitors a behind-the-scenes look at the refining process and graphs with up-to-date market data showed real-time value of different metals. The website featured specific pages for each of the brands locations around the country with unique content based on location. Additionally, the team created brochures, desktop calendars and bullion guides as resources for investors. Later projects included design of bullion products, direct mail campaigns and a leave-behind competency kit. 

NTR Metals website home page design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

NTR Metals website commercial refining page design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kftNTR Metals website market news page design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

NTR Metals mobile application design by Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft in Dallas

NTR Metals mobile application user experience by Dallas Development Agency 70kftNTR Metals mobile application user flow by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

NTR Metals informational folder design Graphic Design Agency Dallas 70kft

NTR Metals information folder design open by Dallas Graphic Design Firm 70kftNTR Metals information folder design fully open by Graphic Design Firm 70kft in Dallas

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team boosted NTR Metals’ efforts through SEO and management of listings. Through research, the team found that the brand received ranking success with location-based terms and began an SEO campaign based on that finding. Additionally, the Digital Marketing team contacted all NTR Metals locations to create local listings. The team managed all local listings and tracked all activity to the site. As a result, NTR Metals saw a dramatic lift in site visits over a 6-month period. At the end of the campaign, NTR Metals’ terms ranking on the first page of search engines increased from 9.39 percent to 39.60 percent.

NTR Metals traffic analysis info graphic from Digital Marketing Agency 70kft in Dallas

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