The Monuments Men Foundation

The Monuments Men Foundation is a nonprofit organization honoring the men and women who protected and safeguarded a civilization’s historic works of art during World War II. The foundation raises public awareness of the roles of these WWII heroes and encourages cultural and educational institutions to honor their legacy through permanent on-site recognition. Originally, 70kft designed and launched the first Monuments Men Foundation website. To gear up for the Monument Men feature film, the nonprofit approached 70kft again to further strengthen its web presence.


The Design team updated the Monuments Men Foundation website to be more modern and flexible to change. While the original site required few updates over the years, the movie attention created a need for a content management system (CMS) that facilitated easy updates. The ultimate goal of the website during this time was to drive donations to the foundation. 70kft redesigned a clean and results-driven website where the Monuments Men Foundation team members could edit or add updates in real time.

Monuments Men Foundation homepage website design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

Monuments Men Foundation mobile website design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kftMonuments Men Foundation mobile website user experience by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team monitored and tracked all site activity for Monuments Men Foundation in preparation the Sony movie campaign launch. Nearing the release of the Monuments Men movie, site traffic exploded from around 200 daily visits to averaging 2,000. At its highest point, the site received 15,440 unique visitors in one single day.

To prepare for and enable the site to handle the increased traffic, the Web Development team implemented best industry practices to achieve fast site load times. The team optimized the server, the server-side application, and client-side code, as well as all images and assets. On one page with multiple images, the team reduced heavy load time down to less than one second.

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