Monuments Men

NY Times bestselling author Robert Edsel is a champion of art reclamation and restitution efforts surrounding art stolen by the Nazis during World War II. He helped shine a light on the priceless heritage and history of the world’s most treasured works of art. The 2014 box office hit directed by George Clooney, “The Monuments Men,” is based on his writing and personal experiences. In an effort to create a central hub for his books, materials and educational programs, 70kft created an e-commerce site that complemented his foundation presence and overall brand.


The Design team created and launched an e-commerce site to promote books written by Robert Edsel. The site also featured information about the movie, the author and the World War II heroes to be depicted. Additionally, it served as a resource for upcoming events and lesson plans for educators. The site reflected the brand identity of The Monuments Men Foundation, while leveraging the movie launch to create awareness of the story.

Monuments Men homepage website by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

Monuments Men Mobile Site by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft Monuments Men mobile site user flow by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

The Greatest Theft DVD case design by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kft

The Greatest Theft DVD case opened layout by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kftThe Greatest Theft DVD case back design by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kft

Digital Marketing

70kft Digital Marketing helped monitor web activity for the new site prior to the movie announcement. The team ensured the volume of visits to the site on a daily basis would not impact site load time. To prepare for and enable the site to handle the increased traffic, the Web Development team implemented best industry practices to achieve fast site load times. The team optimized the server, the server-side application, and client-side code, as well as all images and assets. Homepage load time averaged 3.3 seconds, regardless of the number of visitors at one time.

Additionally, the Digital Marketing team tracked all site activity, from unique visits to event tracking, including the number of times the trailer was played. As a result of their efforts, daily page visits increased from around 600 to an enormous 15,600.

Monuments Men Page Visits Analytics by Dallas Digital Marketing Agency 70kft

Public Relations

The Public Relations team boosted Monuments Men’s efforts through social media strategy and implementation. The team took over the brand’s social media during Robert Edsel’s 2013 book tour for his novel “Saving Italy: The Race to Rescue a Nation's Treasures from the Nazi.” During this time, the brand had two separate social presences for Monuments Men and Saving Italy. The team planned and executed dual social media strategies for three months, posting unique content for each. As a result, the brand’s social media follower base grew.

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