Haier is the world’s number one appliance manufacturer and a leading manufacturer of consumer electronics. Initially, Haier turned to 70kft Public Relations to boost its 2013 product marketing in the appliance sector. This relationship blossomed to extend agency services to cover Haier’s 2014 product line in the consumer electronics division. The agency was honored to represent Haier during the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show. 

Public Relations

The team developed specific category messaging for Haier’s 2013 appliance product line and a sense of message ownership for Haier in the competitive landscape. This messaging informed Haier America’s target audience and brand story for traditional public relations and social media.

For the 2014 appliance product launch, the team facilitated a major media desk-side with representatives of the Meredith Corporation an American media conglomerate in Des Moines, Iowa. Later, the team helped determine Haier’s strategy and media outreach approach for the 2014 International Consumer Electronic Show. The Public Relations team worked on-site to secure coverage, facilitate interviews and represent Haier’s media presence during the show.

Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft meeting with Hair

A Fully Integrated Approach to CES

Taking an integrated agency approach , 70kft devised, designed and developed a web app for news media attendees at 2014 International CES. The web application allowed media attendees to view and rate featured products, schedule interviews with Haier executives, and download product, company and brand information. This helped ensure that media could readily access information on their tablets or smartphones.

The Public Relations team devised the web app and planning elements necessary to serve as a tool for media use during the trade show. Additionally, the team created the messaging and downloadable resources available in the app.

The Design team created a user-friendly, clean conduit to deliver the carefully crafted public relations messages and product marketing to media attendees. Furthermore, the Web Development team recommended and implemented best practices to build a meaningful and well-architected web portal under a particularly tight deadline.

70kft Digital Marketing rounded out the project, adding Google Analytics to the web app to allow the team to analyze and report on media use of the portal. Because the tracking script was in place, the team could monitor activity on the web app, track events and report against real-time conversions.

70kft Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency application development for Hair

Hair Wine cellar application user experience by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kftHair wine cellar application machine specific user experience by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

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