Dallas Holocaust Museum - Ground Zero 360

A 360 Experience

The design team’s powerful opportunity to pay tribute to the first-responders and the victims of 9/11

The Dallas Holocaust Museum brought the internationally renowned Ground Zero 360 exhibit to the Dallas region. The exhibit showcased photographs of New-York based Irish photographer Nicola McClean, who captured the confusion, panic and remarkable heroism at Ground Zero and the surrounding neighborhoods in the hours and days that followed the attacks of 9/11—specifically highlighting the work of police, firefighters and emergency workers.

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Shedding Light on a Dark Day

The design team’s direction in this project was to focus on the first responders’ sacrifices and selflessness, demonstrating “upstander” behavior. The challenge was to present a dark day in America’s history in an impactful yet inspirational way by displaying feelings of inspiration, hope and appreciation for the noble behavior of the 9/11 heroes.

Capturing the Human Spirit

To personify the heroism of the police, firefighters and fire responders on 9/11, the creative vision focused on the humans of the day, not on the towers. The design utilized double exposure photography to evoke a sense of chaos and urgency while portraying the destructive scene.

Delivering Memorable Design

DHM was thrilled with the tone, subject matter and visuals that spoke to their audience. The design team pushed above and beyond on this project, and the resulting work was turned into multiple postcards, banners and the creative for a Pandora ad.

// Client Testimonial

70kft was an invaluable partner helping the Museum to shape its visual presentation of the Ground Zero exhibit along with assets needed to drive awareness, consideration and attendance. I depended on the team at 70kft to drive the project. They kept me on schedule and delivered an outstanding product.”

Paula Nourse

Director of Marketing and Communications, Dallas Holocaust Museum

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