Balcones Shred

Balcones Shred is a leader throughout Texas in commercial shredding services and document destruction and protection. Balcones Shred enlisted the help of 70kft to revamp its brand visage to communicate its status as an industry leader. Working closely with the client, the team completely rebranded Balcones Shred, elevating its image to match its marketplace cache’.


The Design team began by completely revamping the Shred logo and website. In addition to providing content for the entire website, we worked closely with the client and the digital practice to meet government compliance language while also making the site search-engine friendly for the brand’s bottom line. Later, the team created highly visible truck wraps for Balcones’ shredding trucks. These branded trucks raised tremendous awareness of the brand as many were parked outside of corporate offices in Dallas, Austin and San Antonio. One integrated, beautiful piece of brand visual language aligned all touch points. The website and mobile trucks resonated with Balcones' demographic audience.

Balcones Shred Logo Design by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kft

Balcones shred web design by Dallas Integrated Agency 70kft

Balcones Shred website Locations page design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft Balcones Shred Modile website design by Dallas Integrated Marketing Agency 70kft

Balcones Shred truck wrap design by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kftBalcones Shred truck wrap designs by Dallas Graphic Design Agency 70kft

Digital Marketing

The Digital Marketing team supported Balcones Shred’s efforts by increasing traffic to the website and reporting how visitors interacted with the site - which pages received the most unique visits and how long engagement lasted. 70kft enabled the brand to rank first in several of its industry’s key words for vital markets. Reporting allowed Balcones to better target its communication for the high-traffic zones and modify the website architecture to increase overall ROI.

Additionally, the team managed the brand’s SEO, PPC and monthly web analytics reporting. 70kft tracked conversions for Balcones Shred’s form leads and sales phone calls and modified the website to increase conversions.

Balcones Shred traffic analysis info graphic from Dallas Digital Marketing Agency 70kft

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