A brand overhaul was requested by this IaaS and managed services leader in early 2016. Since then, as agency-of-record, we are focused on brand awareness and sales support as the company settles into its key enterprise cloud role for Dell Technologies.

Virtustream Website Development
Virtustream Cloud User Experience
Virtustream Mobile Experience
“The team at 70kft couples their ability to create truly differentiated brand experiences and matches it to their level of enterprise IT understanding. These attributes easily makes them my preferred agency.”
Lisa Desmond
Senior Vice President, Marketing
Virtustream Visual Identity Development
Virtustream Branded Business Cards
“Virtustream is transformed, aligning everything with purpose back to the customer.”
Partner, Virtustream Team Lead
Virtustream Graphic Design
Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Poster
Virtustream Enterprise Cloud Personalization
“We put thought into designing everything. The result is a modern system that supports Virtustream and their purpose-built approach to cloud for the enterprise.”
Bailey Parkerson
Senior Designer
Virtustream Product Infographic
Virtustream Tradeshow Booth
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