The name 70kft conveys our vision, elevated expertise and knack for viewing projects from every angle.

We think you’ll like the air up here.

From 70,000 feet above the earth, you achieve a heightened perspective and clarity that only the bravest and brightest have experienced. It’s where you can first see the curvature of the planet and where sky becomes space.

At this perspective, 70kft delivers the three most important brand optics under one integrated roof.

  1. How a brand is seen: Design
  2. How a brand is heard: Public Relations
  3. How a brand is found: Digital Marketing

By offering distinct expertise in each of these competencies, 70kft relieves the stress of agency overload. With 70kft’s integrated approach, business leaders consolidate time and ensure expediency of process to solve brand communication problems.

Our integrated mix allows businesses to eliminate the need for multiple procurements, multiple contract negotiations and time allotted to message consistency across agencies.

It boils down to economics - eradicate hassle, wasted hours, inflated costs and redundant charges from splitting responsibilities between agencies. Time saved in repetition is resources allocated to further market your brand.

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