Convey your message through targeted and credible public relations.

If you don’t tell your story,
someone else will.

Effective communicators recognize the difference between “talking to” and “talking at” the audience. 70kft PR positions clients to credibly communicate their good or service through targeted messaging to better engage key audiences.


PR plays an essential role in establishing, cementing or revitalizing a company brand. 70kft deploys the following branding tools to sharpen any size organization.

1. Brand Message Workshop

2. Key Message Development

3. PR Plan Writing

4. Audience/Customer Communication Plans

5. Communications Audit/Benchmarking

Media Relations

The roots of public relations rest in the rich soil of social and traditional media relations. These are the two most important conduits through which your customers connect with and understand you.

1. Social Media

2. Traditional Media

Product/Service Marketing

Other than your employees, your products and services represent your strongest brand assets. How you frame the discourse about those assets drives business. 70kft excels in strategic storytelling through the following means:

1. Product/Service Launch Planning & Execution

2. Product/Service Crisis Communications

3. Trade Show Event Execution

Corporate Communications

Agency leadership excels in counseling C-suite executives. This counsel runs the gamut of effective communications. Below are just a few services we ably offer.

1. Executive Communications

2. Thought Leadership Strategy

3. Executive Speech Writing

4. Employee Communications

5. HR/Internal Communications

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