Find optimal pathways to reach your audience with fine-tuned digital marketing.

Data beats opinions.

To activate and distill real-time data into meaningful results, the Digital Marketing team employs in-depth analytics and performance-optimized strategies, carefully focused to heighten customer response and bolster ROI.

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Holistic Digital Strategy

Consumers experience a vast array of digital input from multiple mediums, social networks and mobile apps. No longer can companies rely on SEO or PPC alone. 70kft offers a Holistic Digital Strategy to merge digital marketing best practices into one approach.

1. Business and Industry Analysis

2. Goal Identification

3. User Experience Analysis

4. Conversion Optimization

5. Strategic Planning 

Search Engine Optimization

A successful Search Engine Optimization (SEO) campaign promotes client websites across major search engines (Google, Yahoo and Bing) to ultimately increase and strengthen your ranking and overall online visibility.

1. On-Page SEO

2. Off-Page SEO

3. Keyword Research

4. Content Creation

5. Local Listings Management

6. Social Media Optimization

Pay-Per-Click Management

Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising complements and reinforces SEO marketing by enabling client sites to appear in the top results of a targeted Google keyword search.

1. Keyword Research

2. Ad Copy Creation

3. Landing Page Creation

4. Conversion Tracking

5. Maximizing Results and Value

Email Marketing

70kft optimizes results of email marketing campaigns using a data-driven approach to conversion and specially tailored messaging strategies.

1. Design

2. Development

3. Deployment

4. Reporting

5. Optimization

Measurement & Analytics

70kft analyzes every campaign to trace efficiencies, deliver transparent proof of results, identify areas of weak performance and provide definitive clarity for driving ROI. 

1. Business Intelligence

2. Conversion Tracking Setup

3. Google Analytics

4. Audience Segmentation

5. Goal and Event Tracking

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Team Stream

greg teamstream

Last thing Greg bought second-hand: Beer brewing kit.

laura teamstream

Laura once saw Brooke Shields and her whole family at the Columns Hotel in New Orleans.

megan teamstream

Megan loves dad jokes.

bailey teamstream

Bailey ranked as an ID on the DISC personality assessment.

kacie teamstream

Kacie recently traveled to Telluride, Colorado.

danny teamstream

Danny is disappointed by P2W games.

renee teamstream

Renee’s favorite dessert is key lime pie.

kevinr teamstream

Kevin R. loves Japanese puzzle boxes.

bruce teamstream

Bruce has released two records in Japan.

cortnee teamstream

Cortnee is often mistaken for someone's sister.

stefan teamstream

Stefan is most irritated by uninformed chatter.

jeremy teamstream

Jeremy has a healthy obsession with activities eliciting adrenal responses.

audrey teamstream

Audrey has a healthy obsession with reading about history.


Kathryn’s superpower would be teleportation.

elda teamstream

Elda’s latest DIY project: gold-leafing a dinosaur.

christian teamstream

Christian is confused by the spelling of the word “weird”.

becky teamstream

Becky’s favorite quote: "If you can’t handle my worst then you don’t deserve my best."

molly teamstream

Molly’s favorite drink is Coca-Cola—or something with vodka.

anna teamstream

Anna loves Chachi.

jessica teamstream

Jessica loves all the new Taylor Swift songs, and that’s super hard for her to admit.

george teamstream

George is confused by lots of things in life.

maya teamstream

Maya will not wear a regular t-shirt…it’s forbidden like the West Wing.

michael teamstream

Michael recently traveled to Washington, D.C.

james teamstream

James’s favorite spot in Dallas is Foundry.

terez teamstream

Terez’s favorite drink is pinot noir.

tiffany teamstream

Tiffany loves the smell of her mom's baking.

allison teamstream

Allison could spend all day relaxing.

kevin teamstream

Kevin J. once saw Tim and Eric at The Nodding Donkey.

yulu teamstream

Yulu is freaked out by horror movies.

dan teamstream

Dan’s superpower would be teleportation.

josh teamstream

Josh is confused by people’s interest in “Lost.”

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Initial period of time where an agency gathers information and works closely with a client to create a vision and set of shared goals for a project.