Our in-house Web Development team carries projects to fruition.

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Six years ago, when design peers were farming out website development and coding overseas, 70kft threw down the gauntlet. We made the decision to build an in-house Web Development team that works seamlessly with each of our three core disciplines.

Design + 70kft Dev

Fortify a consistent and dynamic online brand presence through: websites, ecommerce, mobile and web apps, tablet/mobile support features, brand-strong social media and large-scale product or service launches.

PR + 70kft Dev

Cultivate richer customer connections and relationships through engaging social media, promotions and events, blogs, customized trade show and event mobile apps, viral games, activities and product/service rollouts.

Digital Marketing + 70kft Dev

Build the most optimized and conversion-responsive sites, apps, display ads, email campaigns and promotions possible.

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