Develop your visual brand presence and evoke a precise response with strategically on-target design.

More than just another pretty typeface

With all of the messages and marketing noise competing for attention, it takes more than a logo lift, font refresh and site tightening to break through market clutter. 70kft Design asserts every brand touch point must be a clear, clean and consistent illustration of a brand's strategy and value.

Brand Development

70kft facilitates its brand development process through a brand audit, and in many cases, a brand workshop. Once the agency-client team has arrived at a brand essence, logo creation, naming and all identity offshoots can begin development.

1. Strategy

2. Identity/Logo

3. Identity System

4. Brand Naming

5. Social Media Cover Pages


Strong interactive design is crucial to user experience, regardless of the medium. The team at 70kft creates clean, consistent web design tailored to each brand’s specific strategy.

1. Websites

2. Apps

3. Online Advertising

4. Email Campaigns

Collateral Design

Print is not dead. Companies require clear, commanding print communication that supports sales propositions. 70kft delivers print design that elicits audience reception, utilizes attention-grabbing photography and mirrors a consistent brand tone.

1. Brochures

2. Direct Mail

3. Sales Materials

4. Business Cards

5. Letterhead

6. Promotional Items/T-shirts

7 .Corporate Communication 


From trade shows to point-of-purchase displays, brand exhibitions carry the burden of proof out among a competitive crowd. Through environmental design, 70kft crafts experiences that bolster sales and marketing team efforts.

1. Trade Show

2. Signage


As the first point of contact with a consumer, a product’s packaging should be treated as an extension of the brand’s identity into retail. 70kft packaging anchors strategic design into a tactical experience.

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