Since 2014, we’ve helped this tech titan tell its new story. We’ve tackled brand, category and channel marketing for hybrid cloud/IT, composable and hyperconverged infrastructure, and IoT. And we’ve created web applications, tradeshow simulators, digital lead-gen and nurture—and more.

HPE Digital Lead-gen Campaign
“I have worked for some of the largest companies in the world, having unlimited access to major agencies. But I keep coming back to 70kft. Developing powerful stories isn’t easy and I find 70kft superior on this front.”
Former Vice President, Worldwide Cloud
Hewlett Packard Enterprise
HPE Right Mix User Experience
HPE Right Mix Tradeshow Booth
HPE Conversion Optimization
HPE Website Development
HPE Digital Marketing Campaigns
HPE Synergy Logo Design
“Our work is the result of a great partnership. Together, we’ve extended the brand, creating energizing visuals that enhance product storytelling.”
Stefan REddick
Creative Director
HPE Graphic Design
HPE Web Applications
HPE Mobile UX Optimizations
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