70kft Annual Business Retreat

The Top 12 Lessons Learned at the 2014 Annual Business Retreat


1. Do not follow Kevin into darkness and pouring rain driving a golf cart.

2. The Laughing Girl Cottage comes with zero laughing girls.

3. Never challenge Keith to a dance battle.

4. Torrential rains cannot dampen spirits, just clothes.

5. Yulu can belt out a mean Cranberries' "Zombie" on karaoke.

6. Apparently George lives a double life as a gangster rapper.

7. Tiffany thinks of everything. Seriously, EVERYTHING.

8. Terez has the archery skills of an assassin.

9. You should probably take that red hanky out of your back pocket.

10. When women play poker, someone gets locked out of her cottage.

11. Do not watch the theatrical trailer for "Gummo" at least 2 hours before bedtime. 

12. Mill Creek Ranch Resort in Canton is so remarkable, many of us are coming back for weekend getaways later this year.

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