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Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing” services in general could be almost anything. If you consider the fact that digital is perceived to be constructed of zeros and ones (binary code), and then marketing to be anything that communicates value of a product or service, the spectrum of what these two words could mean is a profusion of things. Basically, all marketing we digest on TV, radio, computers and phones is digital.

Because this subject is quite broad, most agencies break out their Digital Marketing services into subcategories, such as: “We do SEO (Search Engine Optimization),” or “We specialize in PPC (Pay-Per Click Management),” or even the practice of “We do email marketing.” All of these services require a multitude of sub skill sets.

To help illustrate the different skillsets that an agency needs to execute a successful Digital Marketing campaign, I’ll expand on email marketing as an example.

You need a designer to skin the email. You need a copywriter to finesse the subject lines, headlines, subheads, body copy and calls to action (CTAs) to engage consumers. You need a developer to build the email and perhaps even a quality assurance (QA) specialist to test it, not only in every email platform (Yahoo, Gmail, Outlook), but also every device - mobile, tablet and desktop. Then, you need a data analyst to check the actual numbers, open rates, unsubscribes and click-thru rates.

But wait.

What’s the point of all of that if the email doesn’t actually accomplish your goal? I mean, you spent all that time, money and brainpower on building something, but what if the email is not actually persuading users to upgrade their services or to purchase new sunglasses? You’re really not accomplishing what you intended to do from your email campaign.

This is where the concept of Conversion Optimization comes into play at 70kft here in Dallas. Conversion Optimization is the idea that whatever service of Digital Marketing you’re interested in – whether it is SEO, PPC, email marketing, display advertising or information architecture (IA) – the overall strategy is approached from the question: “what is the goal of this campaign?”

Because we approach our Digital Marketing services from a Conversion Optimization perspective, we can easily communicate the progress of campaigns, and our clients can understand their return on investment (ROI) by using our Integrated Services. At 70kft, we are a strategic brand communications agency. The fact that we can perform all of our services under one roof is because we have a copy team, development team, design team, public relations specialists, digital marketing specialists and account manager’s – all under one roof.

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