Side Projects:

The Importance of Personal Art


Everyone has a side project, whether you know it or not. You may spend downtime gaming, getting in shape or learning taxidermy for road kill you see on your drive home from work. All count as productive side projects.

Working in a creative agency, you might not think that getting creative outside of the office would be very important. But learning or improving on a craft, talent or activity is vital for our well-being and more importantly, removes us from the realm of clients and deadlines that we’re immersed in most of our waking hours (and maybe even our sleeping hours).

In fact a recent study suggests that what we do in our personal time is related to our behaviors in the workplace, not just how we feel.

Researchers from San Francisco State University asked 341 employees what they do during downtime, how creative they are at work and how well they supported their employer and co-workers. They found that out-of-office creative outlets increase a sense of mastery, control and relaxation by challenging individuals to learn new skills that can be applied to daily work.

As you might have guessed, there are members of the 70kft team with some pretty amazing side projects in the works.

Every once in a while, I load some film into a camera and take photos of things I see and places I visit. I’m never sure how they will turn out, and I’m happy if I get a couple good shots out of one 36-exposure roll. But I enjoy it.

Designer Kevin Johnson's reflection in a store window

Designer Kevin Johnson's photo of a neon burger sign

Kathryn Drennon, our social media specialist, maintains a farm with her family and cares for and breeds majestic show horses. I can’t think of a better way to take a break from the world of hashtags and retweets.

social media specialist kathryn drennon with her horses

Associate Creative Director Duane Jones is a bona fide craft wizard. Plus, he gives the best gifts (because he makes them himself). Check out his latest creation.

associate creative director duane jones's artwork

Junior Designer Michael Feavel is a Super Foodie and can tell you every restaurant and bar in Dallas that’s worth a visit. Seriously. You couldn’t tell by looking at him, but this guy eats. A LOT.

photo collage of all the food junior designer michael feavel enjoys

I hope you enjoyed learning about some of our personal side projects. Look out for part 2.

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