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Print Names 70kft “Interactive Winner”

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Print, a bimonthly magazine about visual culture and design, showcases extraordinary online design work in commercial, social and environmental mediums. In March 2014, Print recognized 70kft designer Bailey Parkerson in its “ Print Celebrates Design” competition. The competition called for entries of work designed to celebrate a particular occasion, with 2D, 3D and Interactive categories. Bailey’s “70kft Tenth Anniversary Invitation” was recognized as an Interactive winner.

70kft Dallas brand communications agency celebrated its 10-year anniversary on August 17, 2013. The team wanted to create a thoughtful, intimate invitation that visually represented the culture of 70kft and commemorated the agency’s 10-year journey.

The invitation counts the years of the Dallas advertising agency’s life and represents each year with a numerical representation of 70kft’s culture. For example, year six is represented by the six team members who drink energy drinks to get through the day.

While Bailey brought the design to life, the project came to fruition through the collaborative efforts of the staff. Team members brainstormed numerical representations of the office culture for each year. Designer Kevin Johnson helped Bailey capture engaging photography. Duane Jones supplied charming and witty copy to guide the story. Finally Keith Bartholomew, one of 70kft’s talented web developers, brought the invitation to life on the web.

The result? A beautiful, interactive invitation that tells 70kft’s story and commemorates one of our proudest moments. Good work team!

Be sure to check out the digital 70kft Tenth Anniversary Invitation!

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