70kft AIGA Texas Show Awards

Great Design Has No Boundaries

The biennial AIGA

Texas Show recognizes outstanding work by designers throughout the state of Texas. In April 2014, the competition recognized 70kft designers with awards in four categories. Josh Carroll, senior web designer at 70kft, took home third-place honors for Mobile/Tablet and earned third in the Logo design category. Here, Josh explains how designing for a variety of industries helps grow his skillset.

Opportunity for great design is everywhere. It doesn’t live within the constraints of specific industries nor does it have a specific font, color or style. It’s not about the type of industry—great design is defined by the strength of a solution against a specific problem. The ability to work in different styles, mediums and industries will make you quite valuable throughout your career.

If you need proof, look no further than our latest showing at the AIGA Texas awards. We took home four awards in four different industries—business process management, data services, architecture and dental. I’m especially excited about this show because I had the opportunity to lead creative on two of the four projects we were awarded for.

I strive constantly to challenge and refine my skillset by working in a variety of different industries and mediums. I am constantly pushing to bring fresh strategy to every project I take on, no matter the industry. Deep immersion is the driving force behind my work and it plays a key role in making me an informed brand strategist

Texas Show 2014 Category: Logo Design

70kft award winning Business Motor Skills logo design

Business Motor Skills

We received a third-place award in logo design for Business Motor Skills—a high-tech business process management advisory firm. The brand supports operational excellence through strengthening relationships and process.

The logo pairs these two aspects of the industry into a mark. The emblem represents the different processes that make a project successful. The lowercase typography speaks to the approachability of the human aspects of the firm.

Each line, shape and character were specific aesthetic decisions made to illustrate this concept. To successfully brand a firm, a designer must understand the client, their needs and the tone they want to convey

Texas Show 2014 Category: Mobile/Tablet Design

70kft award winning Verizon Terramark tablet and mobile Command Center Application

Command Center Application

Verizon Terremark has long been a leader in infrastructure and managed service offerings – delivering the scale, security and reliability necessary to meet the demands of enterprises and governments around the world. The company needed a unique way for the sales force to access consolidated company information, sales decks and supporting graphics.

70kft Founder and Principal for creative and branding, Gus Granger and I led the charge to design within the constructs of an iOS application. Features included a dynamic dashboard with live feeds of company content, an interactive globe displaying company networks and the whole suite of company whitepapers and solutions briefs. Needless to say, it was pretty cool and impactful. You can check out more of our work for Verizon Terremark here.

The work was strengthened by other 70kft competencies. The Dallas public relations team developed an internal communications plan to strengthen the outreach and impact of this tool.

For our work here, we won third place in the Mobile/Tablet design category.

Your Next Job, Your Next Award

Every business in every industry deserves great design to communicate its brand story. It doesn’t matter if you’re working with a business process management firm or a technology company’s sales force - your work always has the potential to have an award-winning impact on a client’s bottom line. 

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