Rare & Refreshing


Whenever we talk about our agency culture, people respond with both surprise and admiration. They usually say 70kft stands as a rare and refreshing example of what a workplace can be. Where our culture is concerned, we are fiercely intentional and protective.

We mandate fun and support continuing education opportunities while encouraging people to handle conflict transparently and positively. After years of agency stints, all of our leadership knows silos, gossip and triangular talk undermine a healthy, productive work environment.

From crazy serious quarterly game days and family-style team meals that would put the Duggars to shame, we invest in our culture emotionally, financially and intellectually.

  • Intentional: We drive our culture in the same manner that we structure our agency processes or write our clients’ brand marketing plans. We deeply consider, research, customize and then recalibrate as necessary. From optional birthday holidays to employee Kiva stipends, every element rolls up to who we are and what we value. Financial recognition is a big part of this equation. We conduct quarterly performance reviews where people are rewarded financially in a timely manner for a job well done.

    The belief is that people who are treated well and poured into with support and caring will be more successful. In fact, our culture is just as important as a person’s core job skills. We make that clear from the start with our job position postings. We actually include job description mandatories for a sense of humor, honesty and kindness.

  • Protective: Just as nothing should inhibit our team members’ abilities to deliver great client work, we demand that nothing interferers with their cultural wellbeing. We even hire with culture in mind. This is not to say we aim for a cult-like environment or encourage group think. On the contrary, we appreciate the differences in our people and highlight and reward those differences. Young or old, emerging talent or veteran brilliance, we respect everyone.

    This includes requiring accountability and reigning in managers to delegate or share growth opportunities with team members. From an HR perspective, we have everyone complete a  DISC profile. We do so as a means to better understand what will help make a candidate more successful in their role and how we can help them flourish overall.

Bottom line: The reality for many of us is that we will spend more time with our work family than we will with our blood family during the most active years of our lifetime. This is why we bring the work hard, play hard mantra to life. 

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