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5+ Things We Love About Our Open Office


The open office concept is by no means a novel or modern idea. In fact, the model originated in the 1950s by a team from Hamburg, Germany. The team stressed the importance of improving office workspace to stimulate invention rather than suffocate initiative. Today, there are widely differing opinions concerning this heated topic. Opponents of the open office claim the surroundings can be disruptive and counterproductive.

We disagree! It’s true – sometimes we have to put forth extra effort to concentrate, throw music on the headphones, or remove ourselves to a secluded area for absolute silence. However, the cultural and creative benefits far outweigh these slight hindrances.

We compiled a list of the things we love MOST about our open office.

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1. Creative Idea Flowing

Working side-by-side with inherently brilliant and creative professionals, you are guaranteed at least one “wow” moment every day. In an open office, creative ideas flow and bounce off each other constantly. A creative spark ignites a discussion that grows a concept and delivers a dynamic solution. Inspiration surrounds us – a design hanging on the wall, a printed draft on a neighbor’s desk, or even the remnants of a brainstorm on a whiteboard. Any element, at any given time, can spur creativity and keeps us on track to push the limits of our vision.

2. Collaborative Problem Solving

70kft lives and breathes integration. With multiple disciplines working under one roof, an open office fosters an environment where team members of different specialties interact regularly. The environment enriches collaboration by removing hindrances to communication. Additionally, an open office removes the psychological suggestion of working in a silo, as the entire team can be seen at quick glance. If you get stuck on a problem or need a fresh perspective, simply walk over to a neighbor’s desk and explore a new approach.

3. No Depressing Cubicle!

Have you ever worked in cubicles? It’s depressing! Sure, folks can pin all kinds of stuff on their walls, but at the end of the day, it’s a dark, grey, depressing world to walk into every morning. For a naturally creative team, cubicles can feel very constricting. An open floor lends energy to the office. Rather than isolate team members in cubicles, commonly referenced as “where dreams go to die,” an open office is bright, refreshing and alive.

4. Team Bonding

Perhaps the thing we love most about our open office at 70kft is the intimate, family-style interaction we share with each other. The office environment exemplifies the culture the agency holds dear. Each employee feels included in the family. We take the time to know each team member personally without the separation of cubicle walls. Open laughter and shared experiences make stressful days manageable and help us look forward to tomorrow.

5. And then all the little things that matter most …

At the end of the day, we spend more time at the office than at home, see our “work family” more than our real families, and weather the turbulent storm that is agency life together.

  • Hearing the best jokes
  • Renee’s contagious laughter
  • Knowing when someone is in a bad mood, tired or hung-over and avoiding them like the plague
  • Hearing pleasant compliments between coworkers such as: “Snazzy Shirt, Bailey!”
  • Yelling about the coffee pot being drained…and not being judged for it
  • Conversations that start between two people and end up involving the entire staff
  • Rolling your chair to another desk to say hello
  • Sunshine even in the corners
  • Random silliness and infectious jingles

 At the very least, we are glad to have an office where we enjoy coming to work every day.

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