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15 Signs You're Addicted To Graphic Design

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Most would agree – being able to spend your life doing the work you love is an ultimate victory. The team at 70kft feels lucky enough to have achieved this goal. What could be better than spending every day exploring our personal passions and watching our teammates explore theirs?

We recently polled the office to uncover the traits of a “Design Addict.” The responses, both from designers and non-designers, painted a clear (and amusing) picture of the obsession our design team has with its craft.

Below is a glimpse into the life of a design addict – some confessions, some judgments (all with love of course).

1. When you frequent design blogs more than you actually design.

cartoon gif of a student falling out of a chair

2. When you critique every ad you see.

gif of maggie smith judging you with her eyes

3. When you work on personal design projects outside of business hours.

gif of brad pitt dancing

4. When you spend more time on Dribble than Facebook, because the people on Facebook just “don't understand you.”

gif of hillary duff saying you don't understand

5. When you buy things based on their packaging.

gif of woman crying while saying it's so beautiful

6. When you play "name that font" in public and are not ashamed.

gif of woman smiling saying I have no shame

7. When you collect playing cards based on their design. And must buy two of each deck. One to play and one to shelve.

gif of mel gibson in the movie maverick accidentally showing his poker cards

8. When you apply color theory to your daily wardrobe choices.

gif of models wearing color block clothes

9. When you spend hours in bookstores and never buy anything. You just look at covers and flip through the books to look at their layout.

gif of a baby pretending to read a book

10. When you refuse to eat at restaurants with poorly designed logos… no matter how good the food is.

gif of jim carrey cough gagging

11. When you use the words gradient, stroke and bevel to visually describe things in real life, even when you are talking to “the common folk.”

words what a beautiful gradient on an image of a beach at sunset

12. When you make Comic Sans jokes and say things like “that’s so shopped.”

gif of puppets laughing

13. When you consider pawning family valuables to pay for graphic design books.

gif of a cat rummaging through a drawer

14. When you have nightmares about trapped white space.

gif of kid yelling

15. When graphic design gives you the munchies.

gif squirtle eating

Hate to say it designers, but we don’t want to see you break the habit any time soon!

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