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70kft is an integrated brand communications agency, and we recognize the importance of every touch point. Through full business and industry immersion, we work closely with clients to drive strategy and create authentically rich brand experiences.

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Before any work leaves our hands, we ask ourselves this simple question. Our work reflects the care and devotion we all share for the industry and our clients. 

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Team Stream

james teamstream

James is freaked out by night cobras.

danny teamstream

Danny is most irritated by people that are unwilling to learn something new.

terez teamstream

Terez is freaked out by spiders.

jeremy teamstream

Jeremy once saw Sean Penn at LAX.

laura teamstream

Laura’s favorite dessert is anything with peanut butter.

molly teamstream

Molly has a healthy obsession with Megan’s dad.

tiffany teamstream

Tiffany just downloaded “Fall for You.”

dan teamstream

Dan’s favorite drink is a Grande Pike Place with cream and two Sugars in the Raw.

audrey teamstream

Audrey’s current personal motto is: Trust in the Lord.

bailey teamstream

Bailey wanted to grow up to be a pirate.

Becky Circle 87px

Becky’s favorite spot in Dallas is Rise No. 1.

cortnee teamstream

Cortnee’s ideal way to relax is taking a walk.

stefan teamstream

Stefan is most irritated by uninformed chatter.

greg teamstream

Greg’s current personal motto is: “Do work.”

anna teamstream

Anna once saw Jody Foster at Magnolia Café.

allison teamstream

Allison’s favorite drink is Diet Coke.

josh teamstream

Josh’s nickname was Little Champ.

christian teamstream

Christian once saw Emilio Estevez at the payphone.

megan teamstream

Megan wishes she liked yoga.

george teamstream

George recently traveled to the kitchen, for a drink of water.

kacie teamstream

Kacie recently traveled to Paris.

yulu teamstream

Yulu’s ideal way to relax is reading a book or watching a movie.

renee teamstream

Renee’s favorite dessert is plain cheesecake.


Kathryn ‘s favorite drink is a dirty Grey Goose martini OR Diet Coke.

70kft Terms


A website element, usually in the form of a hovering applet that remains visible during scrolling of the site. A sticky usually contains important information, links or a call to action aimed at encouraging the user's interaction with it to get them further in the site.