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70kft is an integrated brand communications agency, and we recognize the importance of every touch point. Through full business and industry immersion, we work closely with clients to drive strategy and create authentically rich brand experiences.

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Before any work leaves our hands, we ask ourselves this simple question. Our work reflects the care and devotion we all share for the industry and our clients. 

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"When it comes to success, there are no shortcuts."

– Bo Bennett

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Team Stream

bruce teamstream

Bruce enjoys all things Lucite.

josh teamstream

Josh’s nickname was Little Champ.

allison teamstream

Allison regrets going to see “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

christian teamstream

Christian’s favorite quote: “…We must remember that oaks grow strong in contrary winds and diamonds are made under pressure."

becky teamstream

Last thing Becky bought second-hand: her little ride.

danny teamstream

Danny recently ate spinach dip.

kevinr teamstream

Kevin R. loves coffee.

stefan teamstream

Stefan recently traveled to South Carolina.

kacie teamstream

Kacie cried when she saw the real “The Birth of Venus” by Sandro Botticelli.

anna teamstream

Anna is often mistaken for someone else.

kevin teamstream

Kevin J. ranked as an SI on the DISC personality assessment.

elda teamstream

Elda could spend all day eating pizza.

tiffany teamstream

Tiffany loves go-carting.

george teamstream

George loves his son.

dan teamstream

Dan won’t leave the house without his phone and coffee.

maya teamstream

Maya will not wear a regular t-shirt…it’s forbidden like the West Wing.

cortnee teamstream

Cortnee wanted to grow up to be a lawyer.

renee teamstream

Renee loves the smell of vinyl.

yulu teamstream

Yulu’s favorite quote: “Everything happens for a reason.”

michael teamstream

Michael’s superpower would be super-intelligence.

james teamstream

James recently traveled to East Texas.

laura teamstream

Laura recently ate something close to 2 pounds of produce via her juicer.

audrey teamstream

Audrey loves Gus.

bailey teamstream

Bailey once saw John C. Reilly at the Nodding Donkey in Dallas.

greg teamstream

Greg’s favorite movie is “Pulp Fiction.”

jessica teamstream

Jessica’s ideal way to relax is baking.

jeremy teamstream

Jeremy’s latest DIY project: boat engine rebuild.

megan teamstream

Megan is inspired by nature, architecture and comedians.

terez teamstream

Terez is most irritated by Dallas traffic.


Kathryn is inspired by the Wounded Warriors Foundation.

molly teamstream

Molly recently traveled to Deep Ellum—she doesn't travel enough!

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