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70kft is an integrated brand communications agency, and we recognize the importance of every touch point. Through full business and industry immersion, we work closely with clients to drive strategy and create authentically rich brand experiences.

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Before any work leaves our hands, we ask ourselves this simple question. Our work reflects the care and devotion we all share for the industry and our clients. 

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

- Eleanor Roosevelt

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Team Stream

renee teamstream

Renee is most irritated by poor kerning between capital letters.

megan teamstream

Megan’s favorite dessert is coconut cream pie.

jeremy teamstream

Jeremy’s favorite destination is an art gallery.

bailey teamstream

Bailey regrets going to see "Miami Vice" (2006).

yulu teamstream

Yulu’s favorite drink is bubble tea.

james teamstream

James’s favorite drink is water.

allison teamstream

Allison regrets going to see “The Wolf of Wall Street.”

danny teamstream

Danny recently ate at Goodfriend.

kevin teamstream

Kevin J. recently traveled to San Francisco, California.


Weirdest thing Kathryn ever ate: Gator.

bruce teamstream

Bruce will eventually have completely gray hair.

anna teamstream

Anna could spend all day reading a book.

cortnee teamstream

Cortnee’s favorite spot in Dallas is Parigi.

george teamstream

George is inspired by a thirst for knowledge and understanding.

laura teamstream

Laura is freaked out by the next generation. Teenagers today worry her deeply.

jessica teamstream

Jessica loves all the new Taylor Swift songs, and that’s super hard for her to admit.

audrey teamstream

Audrey’s ideal way to relax is a casual walk with headphones blaring music.

tiffany teamstream

Weirdest thing Tiffany ever ate: octopus.

michael teamstream

Michael regrets going to see “Nacho Libre.”

maya teamstream

Maya recently ate at a juice bar.

dan teamstream

Dan loves the song “Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith but feels bad about it.

becky teamstream

Becky recently ate a tiny piece of onion accidentally and her lips are swollen like a pig now.

molly teamstream

Molly’s favorite drink is Coca-Cola—or something with vodka.

greg teamstream

Greg’s current personal motto is: “Do work.”

elda teamstream

Elda’s other favorite dessert is cheesecake.

kevinr teamstream

Kevin R. is highly irritated by team sports and fans.

stefan teamstream

Stefan is disappointed by Netflix online options.

christian teamstream

Weirdest thing Christian ever ate: a live scorpion.

kacie teamstream

Kacie recently played the Texas Lottery.

josh teamstream

Josh’s favorite drink is Bell’s Two Hearted Ale.

terez teamstream

Terez is disappointed by poor grammar.

70kft Terms

​Brand Message Workshop

An exploratory immersion session between the agency and client to define the brand’s persona based on brand features, benefits, experiences and attitudes.